Gymba Board


Small Board – Big Effect!


  • Use with your Sit-Stand Desk or Desk Converter
  • Maintain correct posture
  • Decrease chance of over straining feet or back
  • Stand in comfort
  • Read full details in the Description


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5-year warrenty

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Gymba Board.

Gymba Board is designed and manufactured in Finland. After extensive research into how we stand Gymba offers a new healthier work experience. Using Gymba with your Sit Stand desk creates the opportunity to work, stand and move at the same time.
Gymba helps you to work normally without having to worry about overstraining your feet or your back.
As you stand and move on Gymba, you increase energy consumption, the intervertebral discs get the oxygen they need which means your back stays healthy while you work.
Why Gymba?
Most people stand up the wrong way, alternating between their left and right leg which can lead to standing with your ankles in an incorrect position and a skewed spine.
21 Standing up like this can be detrimental rather than being healthy. This is why it is important to pay attention to your posture. By using Gymba you can make sure you always have the correct posture


Benefits of Gymba

1. Small board – big effect
Gymba is designed to make you more active in the workplace and help you stand the correct way while working at your desk. While standing at your desk we would encourage you to use Gymba to help you balance your posture while adapting to your weight. Using Gymba while standing will help decrease your chance of overstraining your feet or your back.
2. Your new 50-50 working day
We recommend using Gymba 50% of the time you spend at your workplace to achieve the maximum benefits. After a few days of using Gymba you should notice the difference including reduced back pain, leg muscles are more active and as a result the overall condition of your body has improved. This has been established via numerous clinical trials and a comprehensive Gymba test group.
3. Activate your muscles
People that are required to walk, bend and stretch during their workday suffer from musculoskeletal disorders less than those who sit most of the day. Simply standing up is already healthier because your muscles need to work in order to support your posture.
4. Comfortable Standing
Standing on a hard floor may cause pain in your feet, legs and back, preventing you from standing for long periods of time. Gymba provides a platform that is easier, smoother and more comfortable to stand on by reducing pressure on joints and making standing a more tempting option.
Colour Options
Gymba is available to order in Blue, Grey and Dark Grey.



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Blue, Dark Grey, Grey

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