What are the new needs and trends in outdoor living?
What are the responsibilities of a company with regard to environmental sustainability?
What strategic considerations do they entail?
At Nardi, we have also asked ourselves these questions. Such reflection led to the creation, in 2019, of our Regeneration industrial programme which aims to produce outdoor furniture made of recycled plastic, which in turn can be recycled.

With a view to sustainability, we have always re-used scraps and waste in our production cycle by grinding them.

We wanted to go further with Regeneration by creating a line specifically dedicated to regenerated plastic products, made of post-industrial and post-consumer polypropylene, in order to give plastic a new life.

The products in the Regeneration line, which is constantly being researched and developed, are made in a production plant designed with cutting-edge plant engineering technology. It is equipped with energy-saving hybrid injection presses, with an air-based cooling system without using water and consuming very little electricity.

Most of the electricity used is produced by a photovoltaic panel system.

These products come in natural, textural colours: Terra, Gesso, Basalto and Cactus, four pure and evocative shades that are a distinctive feature of the Regeneration line.

Their powerful personality is marked by a rough matt texture with a vintage effect and a charming pattern, not entirely uniform, which are the hallmarks of the combination and give the products their striking character.

Working towards sustainability is the real challenge we face in the coming years, as people and as a company, in order to focus on the environment and leave our children a better world.

Made in Italy.

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